First on EWN: East Rand eatery excludes same-sex couples on ‘date night’

Two EWN reporters posing as a same-sex couple were denied entry at the Lake Restaurant in Brakpan on Thursday.


JOHANNESBURG - An Eyewitness News investigation has revealed how an East Rand restaurant refuses to allow same sex couples to eat at their establishment on certain days.

Two EWN reporters booked and paid for 'date night', which is held every Thursday at the Lake Restaurant in Brakpan, but were denied entry saying it contravenes their policy for the evening.

When asked to explain, the owners defended their stance claiming they see nothing wrong with the policy.

When EWN booked a table for the evening a confirmation SMS was sent with specific terms and conditions.

The rules clearly stated, no t-shirts, no takkies and no same sex couples.

EWN then went undercover and put this to the test.

Journalists Victor Magwedze, Clement Manyathela posed as a same-sex couple, but barely made it through the door when management approached the pair, saying they were not welcome.

The co-owner of the restaurant Sammi-jo Amiras said, “If you guys want to come here, you can come anytime but date night is for a couple only, not for two men or two women.”

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She has defended this policy saying it’s not homophobic.

“The reason why we have stated no same sex couples is not to discriminate against anyone but it is very difficult to control a situation where we would need to ask people if they are gay or not and then face a situation where a person may feel uncomfortable or intimidated or violated from either side.”

She says while gays and lesbians are welcome at the Lake Restaurant on any other day of the week, the 'date night' event is reserved for heterosexuals only.

(Edited by Neo Koza)