Three die in two separate accidents

A mother and her daughter died on the N17 highway, east of Johannesburg, while a girl (11) died on the N7 outside Citrusdal.

Mother and daughter have been killed in N17 collision. Picture: @ER24EMS.

CAPE TOWN/JOHANNESBURG – A mother and her daughter have died in a collision on the N17 highway, east of Johannesburg, when their vehicle crashed into a bridge pillar on Sunday morning.

The father, as well as the son, were found in a critical condition and have been taken to hospital.

ER24’s Werner Vermaak said, “Paramedics arrived at the scene and found two children believed to be four and eight-years-old that have been ejected from the vehicle. The four-year-old was found with fatal injuries as well as the mother who was found in the vehicle with fatal injuries.”

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old girl has died in a motor vehicle accident on the N7 outside Citrusdal in the Western Cape.

Two-year-old twins have also been seriously injured in the accident.

The road has been closed to traffic.

Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa said, “We’ve got a collision on the N7 near Citrusdal where three vehicles were involved in an accident.”