SABC board chair: Working document wasn't leaked

Vincent Smith says the document was sent to members of the committee so they could consult with their parties.

MPs at work on their draft report following an inquiry into the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s fitness to hold office. Picture: Gaye Davis/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board Inquiry Chairperson Vincent Smith says it’s not true to say the working document that will form the basis of the ad hoc committee’s draft report was leaked.

Smith says the document, which made headlines on Wednesday, was sent to members of the committee conducting the inquiry so they could consult with their parties.

He has appealed to the media to report accurately on proceedings.

“If you say leaked, it implies that this document was embargoed and there is nothing further from the truth if you try and reconcile it with what I said earlier on. We gave it to members, we said to members go and consult and by implication go and consult meant that this document has not been embargoed.”

Smith says however, the committee’s main aim is to halt the decline of the SABC and is not about declaring anyone innocent or guilty.

In a statement on Wednesday the Democratic Alliance said the draft document was circulated to members of the committee ahead of deliberations, explaining that the document is a good start but needs much more work for it to truly serve the purpose of steering the SABC to calm water.

Parliament released a response on the same day, quoting Smith saying he was dismayed that the document had found its way into the public domain.

View the leaked document below:

Leaked SABC Working Document by Primedia Broadcasting on Scribd