At least 30 Kuga owners prepare to take on Ford SA

The vehicle owners say they believe the car manufacturer should be held accountable for their vehicles catching alight.

Renisha and Kaveen Jimmy say they’re only partially satisfied about Ford's announcement to recall the vehicle. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - At least 30 Kuga drivers are preparing to take on Ford South Africa in a class action lawsuit, saying they believe the car manufacturer should be held accountable for the vehicles catching alight.

The Jimmy family held a media briefing in Pretoria on Tuesday expressing their disappointment in the way Ford had handled several incidents, including the one involving their brother Reshall who died when his Kuga burst into flames in 2015.

Ford announced a safety recall of the 1.6 Kuga on Monday due to overheating issues, but the company maintains that Jimmy's death is unrelated.

The Jimmy family has spearheaded a campaign to hold Ford accountable in the hope of receiving some answers as to why their brother's Kuga burst into flames.

Ford says the fire started in the rear of the vehicle, but the Jimmy family, who have been working with the police and a private investigator, say the fire started in the front of the vehicle and that have tried to share this evidence with the car manufacturer.

Reshall's brother Kaveen says since his brother's death, Ford made no attempt to contact his family and the matter has been dealt with badly.

“The first gut instinct was to try and point evidence in any direction but themselves. One would expect with any big brand that they contact the family and tell us what their plan is in investigating the matter.”

The lawyer representing the Jimmy family will also represent all other Ford fire victims to file a class action lawsuit against the motoring company.

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