Shiraaz Mohamed’s family describe his kidnaping as nightmare

Mohamed's family say he was scared to go to Syria but felt it was something he had to do.

Shiraaz Mohamed. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG – The family of a South African photographer kidnapped in Syria say he was scared to go, but felt it was something he had to do.

Shiraaz Mohamed was kidnapped by armed men on Tuesday while trying to leave Syria through the Turkish border.

He was accompanied by two members of the South African relief group Gift of the Givers at the time of his abduction but they were released.

Mohamed's ex-wife Shaaziya Brijlal has described the last few days as a "nightmare" as his family wait for any information on his whereabouts.

“I have no words to express the depths of sorrow and not knowing. There just seems to not be any answers.”

The Gift of the Givers says it's still trying to make contact with the kidnappers while also speaking to the Turkish government.

Brijlal says they have not lost hope.

“Every time the phone rings it’s terrible because you don’t know what you are going to hear. But we are positive.”

A former al-Qaeda group has offered to help find Mohamed.

(Edited by Refilwe Pitjeng)