Ford to make important announcement on Kuga model

The safety of the model has been called into question following incidents of its engine overheating & catching fire.

A screengrab of the Ford Kuga vehicle that caught alight on the N12 near the Voortrekker off-ramp in Alberton.

JOHANNESBURG - With pressure mounting for Ford to deal with problems involving its Kuga model, the car manufacturer and the National Consumer Commission are due to make what they say is an important announcement on Monday regarding the future of the vehicle.

Several Ford Kugas have caught alight during the past few weeks, and in December 2015 a man was killed when his car burst into flames.

There are reports of around 45 cases of the car catching fire over the past year in the country and Ford has since indicated that an investigation is underway.

Thirty-three-year-old Reshall Jimmy died in December 2015 when his car caught fire while on holiday in Wilderness in the Western Cape.

Dr David Klatzow is a forensic scientist working on the case. He says he hopes the car manufacturer will deal with the issue once and for all.

“Let’s get to the truth. What actually happened?”

Last week, a Ford Kuga caught alight when the engine overheated on the N12 near the Voortrekker offramp in Alberton.

The driver managed to escape unharmed.

At the weekend, smoke was seen coming from another ford Kuga near the Buccleuch interchange with no reports of any injuries.

WATCH: Ford Kuga catches fire off Voortrekker Road offramp

(Edited by Neo Koza)