Kuga fire victim’s family yet to hear from Ford

Reshall Jimmy was one the first victims of what can only be described as a serious fault with the Ford Kuga.

A screengrab of the Ford Kuga vehicle that caught alight on the N12 near the Voortrekker off-ramp in Alberton.

CAPE TOWN – The brother of Reshall Jimmy, who died when his Ford Kuga burst into flames in December 2015, says he has been trying to share information with the car manufacturer but Ford has not been in contact with him or his family.

The 33-year-old man was on holiday in the Wilderness when his vehicle caught alight, he was burnt beyond recognition, and more than a year later the Kuga has still not been recalled in South Africa - despite several more incidents.

On Wednesday, another Ford Kuga caught alight when the engine overheated on the N12 near the Voortrekker offramp in Alberton.

The driver managed to escape unharmed.

WATCH: Ford Kuga catches fire off Voortrekker offramp

Jimmy was one the first victims of what can only be described as a serious fault with the Ford Kuga, as several cars have caught alight in South Africa in the past year.

Ford says it is trying to obtain the police docket to determine exactly what went wrong, but Jimmy’s brother Kaveen says he has been willing to assist the car manufacturer from the moment his brother died.

“I said to them that I would share the report from the post-mortem, the fire report from Dial Direct and I will also share with them the report from the South African Police Service which would point them in the correct direction. They have made no attempt to call us and say, ‘look can we see that report’.”

The Ford Escape, the United States model of the Kuga was recalled in parts of America in 2012 due to a very similar problem – the engine overheating and the vehicle catching alight.

Ford SA says it will only recall the Kuga if available data indicates that there's a need to and at this stage its investigation into the fires are not complete.

(Edited by Masechaba Sefularo)