Ford Kuga fire victim’s family ‘disgusted’ by handling of matter

Reshall Jimmy was on holiday in the Wilderness when his Ford Kuga vehicle caught alight in 2015.

FILE: A Ford Kuga. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - The brother of Reshall Jimmy who died when his Ford Kuga burst into flames in December 2015 says he's disgusted with the way the car manufacturer has dealt with the situation.

Jimmy (33) was on holiday in the Wilderness when his vehicle caught alight.

He was burnt beyond recognition, and more than a year later the Kuga has still not been recalled in South Africa despite several more incidents being reported.

On Thursday another Ford Kuga caught alight when the engine overheated on the N12 near the Voortrekker off-ramp in Alberton. The driver managed to escape unharmed.

WATCH: Ford Kuga catches fire off Voortrekker Road offramp - video courtesy of Caxton

Jimmy's brother Kaveen says that he's been willing to assist Ford with information and evidence he has obtained.

“It seems, in my opinion and from the family’s point of view, that they are choosing not to make the right decisions because of pride.”

(Edited by Neo Koza)