Amcu reveals reason for Kusasalethu mine sit-in

Harmony Gold claimed that it was unaware of the reasons for the sit-in, saying that no formal demands had been made by the mineworkers.

Harmony Gold's Kusasalethu mine. Picture: Harmony Gold.

JOHANNESBURG - Mining union Amcu says mineworkers are staging a sit-in at Harmony Gold because the mine's management has reneged on a promise to pay workers a bonus this month.

Around 1,700 workers from the Kusasalethu operation in Carltonville failed to surface after Wednesday's morning shift in the North West.

Concerned relatives who've gathered at the mine have accused management of keeping them in the dark.

Harmony Gold told Eyewitness News earlier on Thursday that the mine was unaware of the reasons for this sit-in saying that no formal demands had been made by the participating employees.

But Amcu president Joseph Mathunjwa says the company knows very well what triggered the strike.

“The management of the mine had an undertaking to pay workers a bonus when they return to work in January 2017 and then as the workers were reporting for duty they were made aware while they are on shift that there are briefs that have been issued by management that there will be no bonuses that will be paid.”

The miners are still underground and management and mining unions are negotiating with them.

Amcu says mineworkers are prepared to stay another night underground until management delivers on its promise of a bonus.

Mathunjwa adds that while negotiations continue, the workers are determined to stay put: “They’re still underground. Their stay will be determined by the outcome the meeting with the management.”

(Edited by Neo Koza)