[WATCH] Another Ford Kuga catches fire in Alberton

The driver managed to pull over and get out of his car before the engine burst into flames.

A screengrab of the Ford Kuga vehicle that caught alight on the N12 near the Voortrekker off-ramp in Alberton.

JOHANNESBURG - Another Ford Kuga has caught alight, this time on the N12 near the Voortrekker off-ramp in Alberton.

According to the Alberton Record, the driver noticed smoke coming from the engine while on his way to work on Thursday morning and decided to head straight to a Ford dealership, but when the smoke intensified he pulled over and shortly afterwards the engine caught alight.

There’ve been several incidents of this specific model catching alight in recent months, with the car manufacturer saying it’s still investigating.

WATCH: Ford Kuga catches fire off Voortrekker Road offramp - video courtesy of Caxton

Ford SA says at this stage it’s not recalling the Kuga and will only do so when available data indicates that it is necessary.

For the time being, Ford is urging Kuga drivers to take their cars to a dealership for a free maintenance check on the cooling system.

At the same time the car manufacturer is trying to gain access to a police docket containing evidence of the Ford Kuga which caught alight in December 2015.

The driver Reshall Jimmy died in the car.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)