ANCWL calls for inquiry into SAA over corruption allegations

The league has listed a number of factors it’s concerned about , including apparent ghost employees in SAA’s books.

 Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) is calling for a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of corruption and lack of transformation at South African Airways (SAA).

The league says its noted reports that the airline is facing internal and external forces that are trying to fight change when it comes to procurement and Employment Equity.

The league has listed a number of factors it’s concerned about, including ghost employees in SAA’s books, deliberate attempts to give white-owned suppliers tenders, and a lack of black pilots.

Secretary-General Meokgo Matuba says, “We want a commission of inquiry whereby Parliament will look into these issues that are being raised. It’s not going to be SAA only, we’ll go step-by-step with state-owned enterprises and to ensure that there’s real transformation.”

The league says there are internal and external forces who are using all their powers to fight any attempts to transform SAA and other state-owned entities.

It has also rehashed allegations against former CEO Coleman Andrews, who is said to have received an over R200 million payment- tax free.

Matuba says, “We’re busy working on issues of Transnet and what we’ve realised also is that the trend is the same in South Africa, the majority of our people are not occupying the economic space.”

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)