Four people killed in attack on Turkey courthouse

Officials are blaming Kurdish militants after the group was killed in a car bomb & gun assault.

Turkey Flag. Picture: Facebook.

LONDON - Turkey has been rocked by further bloodshed, this time in the city of Izmir, where a number of arrests were made this week in connection with the Istanbul nightclub shooting.

In this attack, four people were killed in a car bomb and gun assault on a courthouse.

Officials are blaming Kurdish militants.

The assault began when a car was driven right up to the courthouse entrance.

When police exchanged fire with the occupants they detonated a bomb.

Two attackers, a policeman and a court worker were killed, many more are wounded - some critically.

A third attacker escaped the scene.

Turkey has been targeted for attacks by both Kurdish militants and the Islamic State after it began military operations in Syria along its own border in August.

In this atrocity well-armed Kurds using Kalashnikov rifles and grenades are being blamed.