Gauteng Liquor Board explains trading hours decision, denies ANC influence

The board has reversed a decision to extend trading times to accommodate an influx of visitors for the ruling party's 105th anniversary.

 Picture: Freeimages.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng Liquor Board insists that it was inundated with requests to extend trading hours this weekend, saying its initial decision to do so had nothing to do with the African National Congress (ANC)'s anniversary celebrations in Soweto.

Earlier this week the board indicated that it would extend trading times this Sunday to accommodate an influx of visitors to the province for the ruling party's 105th anniversary event at Orlando Stadium in Soweto.

The ANC Women's League and Party Secretary General Gwede Mantashe came out strongly against the decision saying it portrayed ANC supporters as people who required more time to purchase alcohol and was a blatant attempt to insult the party.

The extension has since been revoked.

But the board's Fhedzisani Pandelani says their initial decision had nothing to do with the ANC.

“No one from the ANC has even approached us. However, there have been inquiries from stakeholders and people who wanted to cash in. In answer to the inquiry or questions raised, we said yes."

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)