Cape Town's dam levels drop

City of Cape Town Mayco member Ernest Sonnenberg warned that consumption is still not at the desired level despite the implementation of water restrictions.

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CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town’s combined dam levels have dropped to just over 48%.

With implemented water restrictions, the aim is for residents to keep water consumption at winter levels, which equates to 800 million litres or less per day in the city metropolitan area.

This will ensure Cape Town’s water supply will last until winter.

City of Cape Town Mayco member for Utility Services Ernest Sonnenberg says there is a slight improvement in residential water usage.

But Sonnenberg is warning that consumption is still not at the desired level.

“The city appeals to residents to be mindful of water usage and we’d like to remind them to abide by the restrictions, particular to refrain from using hosepipe, unless they’re using alternative sources like borehole or other means.”

Residential water users are only allowed to wash their vehicles and boats while using a bucket.

Residents are being urged to install water-efficient fittings and technology to minimise water use from all household taps.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)