Beachgoers urged to leave seal pups alone, contact authorities

People have been urged to contact the NSRI or a number found on sign boards found along the coast.

FILE: Muizenberg Beach. Picture: Cape Town Tourism.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town has called on beachgoers to not intervene with seal pups who are coming ashore.

The metro's Gregg Oelofse has further asked people who come across any sea mammal, dead or alive, to refrain from contact.

Oelofse says they should phone either the National Sea Rescue Institute or a number found on sign boards found along the coast.

He says seeing seals on the beach is common at this time of year.

“If people do come across a young seal on the beach that is not injured or ill, they could just leave them alone. It’s also a very normal pattern this time of year to have young whales come to our beaches, especially in False Bay after the strong southeaster.”

He adds that attempting to refloat a whale could be potentially dangerous.

“The animal is beached for many reasons, it’s either sick or has poor health.

It can be dangerous for the public to put them back in water as the animal can be dangerous. It’s very important that the animal is refloated by people who know what they’re doing.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)