Russia draws up ‘Moscow Declaration’ to end Syrian crisis

Russia says the document is aimed at achieving a ceasefire in Syria.

FILE: A general view shows Syrian pro-government forces walking in the ancient Umayyad mosque in the old city of Aleppo on 13 December 2016, after they captured the area. Picture: AFP.

MOSCOW/ISTANBUL - Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that Russian experts had drawn up a “Moscow Declaration” that amounted to a roadmap for ending the Syria crisis and that he hoped that Turkey and Iran could support the document.

Shoigu, speaking at meetings in Moscow with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts, said the document was aimed at achieving a ceasefire in Syria.

“All previous attempts by the United States and its partners to agree on coordinated actions were doomed to failure. None of them wielded real influence over the situation on the ground,” said Shoigu.

“The approval of the declaration at the level of defence and foreign ministers implies our readiness to guarantee and jointly address concrete questions related to resolve (the crisis in) Syria.”

Foreign ministers from Russia, Iran and Turkey were also meeting in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss Syria.