Rita Ora admits cleavage is beautiful

Rita Ora has responded to comments made by 'Vogue' that cleavage is over, by declaring women should "embrace their body".

A screengrab of Pop star Rita Ora. Picture: Twitter/@RitaOra.

LONDON - Rita Ora thinks women should be proud of their cleavage.

The 26-year-old singer appeared at the relaunch of lingerie store Tezenis on Oxford Street in London on Wednesday night and while she flaunted ample assets in a racy black number she said that women should "embrace their body".

Responding to claims by Vogue magazine, that baring boobs is not trendy, the Body on Me hitmaker told the crowd at the event: "Cleavage is beautiful. I never really was a trend follower, I'm more of a trend setter so I don't listen to things like that.

"I think girls should embrace their body and their cleavages - I think you should be very proud of who you are, where you're from, what colour your skin is, what you represent."

And the new America's Next Top Model host said she wouldn't be afraid of going completely nude after she did so for Lui magazine in January, but said it would depend on the "timing".

She said: "It's all about timing and how I'm feeling and what I want to represent.

"At that moment when I did the last one - I really wanted to represent freedom and being able to do that at 25-years-old and saying why not. I want to get old and say 'I had tits like that.'

"It's about who you represent, if you want to go nude you should be able to do it."

Meanwhile, the Poison singer - who appears as Christian Grey's sister Mia in the Fifty Shades movie franchise - isn't concerned that her role in the movie isn't "sexier", as she flaunts that side of herself through her music.

She said: "I don't wish I had a sexier role really as I've got my music videos for that.

"It wouldn't be a Rita show if she doesn't f*ing take her top off or something."