Stellenbosch University officially announces 8% fee increase for 2017

The university has also announced a 10% hike for on-campus accommodation.

FILE: Students gather at Stellenbosch University during an open dialogue to discuss issues of inclusion and exclusion on 15 April 2015. Picture: iWitness.

CAPE TOWN – Stellenbosch University has officially announced an 8% tuition fee increase for next year along with a 10% hike for on-campus accommodation.

In line with government's directive, students from families who earn less than R600,000 a year will be exempt from the increase.

The university's Martin Viljoen says: “Students from families with a household income of less than R600,000 per annum will pay exactly the same tuition and accommodation fees next year as over the last two years.”

Viljoen says the decision was made unanimously by the institution's council on Monday.

“It makes provision for an 8% general increase in tuition fees and a 10% increase in accommodation fees.”

He says the decision to hike next year's accommodation fees by 10% was not an easy one to make.

“They added they had no other option as governance and oversight determines that the long-term financial sustainability of the institution is of paramount importance.”

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)