Cuban diaspora in Miami celebrate news of Fidel Castro’s death

Cuban nationals living in Little Havana, Miami say they hope Castro’s death will open new chapter for the country’s politics.

Miami residents celebrate the death of Fidel Castro on 26 November2016 in Miami, Florida. Cuba’s current President and younger brother of Fidel, Raul Castro, announced in a brief TV appearance that Fidel Castro had died on 25 November, aged 90. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG – While the world continues to mourn the death of former Cuban President and Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro, some Cuban nationals are celebrating in Little Havana in the US state of Miami.

They says although they do not celebrate the death, they hope Castro’s death will open a new chapter of Cuban politics.

They say there are many political prisoners who are serving jail sentence for opposing the Cuban leader, while other are still in exile.

Tributes continue to pour in as the world wakes up to the news of Castro’s passing.

The details surrounding his death are not yet clear.

His brother Raul announced his death on state television late Friday night.

Raul took over from Castro in 2008 after Fidel had lead the island from 1959.

In a past speech, Castro said he did not concern himself with death and dying.

“I may never have been afraid of death, I may never have been concerned by death.”

After surviving at least more than 600 assassination attempts, he took his last breath on Friday night.

President Jacob Zuma has expressed his condolences on behalf of the South African government, and expressed gratitude to Castro and the people of Cuba for their contribution in the fight against apartheid.

Castro’s remains will be cremated according to his wishes, while details of his funeral are expected to be announced soon.

(Edited by Masechaba Sefularo)