Rita Ora defends Justin Bieber over fan punch

The 25-year-old pop star has come to the defence of the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker after he punched a fan in Barcelona.

A screengrab of Pop star Rita Ora. Picture: Twitter/@RitaOra.

Pop star Rita Ora has come to the defence of Justin Bieber, who punched a fan in Barcelona earlier this week.

The 25-year-old pop star said she can empathise with the Sorry hitmaker, who punched 18-year-old fan Kevin Ramirez and left him with a bloodied lip after he reached through the window of Justin’s moving car to grab him.

Rita reflected: “I’m not speaking for anybody, but knowing him and his incredible background, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable and scared.”

Rita insisted Justin’s reaction to his overly-enthusiastic fan was perfectly natural, saying it’s how most people would have responded in the same situation.

She explained: “I feel like anyone who had a hand in their face is going to protect themselves.”

In fact, the How We Do hitmaker said she has found herself in similar situations in the past and admitted it was a “scary” experience.

WATCH: Justin Bieber punches fan in Barcelona

The pop singer told the Metro newspaper: “There are definitely moments where they cross over the boundary of it becoming almost scary.”

Rita also heaped praise on fellow singers Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez, both of whom have been open about their mental health issues over the last year.

Rita admitted she can relate to the pop duo because she has had her own mental health troubles, too.

She said: “Artists are finally speaking about it, thank God, because I go through it. It’s not something to be afraid or ashamed of. It happens to the best of us, especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate.”

Selena recently reached out to fans on Instagram after she took a 14-week break from the photo-sharing site.

The chart-topping singer stopped using the site after she entered rehab for depression - but has thanked her fans for their support.

The Hands To Myself hitmaker wrote: “I have a lot to be thankful for this year... My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet. I’ve finally fought the fight of not ‘being enough’. I have only wanted to reflect the love you guys have given me for years and show how important it is to take care of YOU. By grace through faith. Kindness always wins. I love you guys. God bless (sic)”