Save SA: Zuma must step down sooner rather than later

The group has also called on South Africans to hold silent protests wherever President Jacob Zuma speaks.

FILE: Save SA supporters sing and dance during their march through Pretoria. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – Civil society group Save SA says even though there are African National Congress (ANC) struggle stalwarts supporting their campaign and have agreed, as part of their decision after meeting the ANC, to not criticise the president in public, it is still the overall position of the organisation that the president must step down sooner rather than later.

The position reached between the veteran group and the ANC leadership was that they would stop criticising the ANC and president in public, and not call on him to step down.

On Wednesday, Save SA launched a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma and called on all South Africans' support by signing the online petition - which can be found on the organisations website.

It will be then be delivered to Parliament.

The group has also called on people to hold silent protests wherever Zuma speaks.


ANC struggle stalwarts held what was described as a robust, candid and difficult meeting with Zuma and other members of the national working committee this week.

The veterans agreed they would not call on the president to resign, but Sipho Pityana, who is part of that group, says he doesn’t agree with that position.

“Not all the stalwarts agree with that position and I’m one of those with the view that you can’t fix this country with a president that has brought so many bad things.”

He says Save SA is willing to engage with the ANC but says that conversation must start with the removal of the president.


Save SA has called on the ANC and its allies to join the movement by ensuring that Zuma doesn’t finish his term as president, saying he’s broken the bond of trust with South Africans.

It says it is encouraged by voices in the leadership of the ANC who agree that Zuma must go.

Pityana says, “The Save South Africa campaign recognises that the ANC and its allies have an opportunity and a responsibility to put the country first. It has never been more urgent that they should do so; the time to act, we urge them, is now.”

Save SA is urging all South Africans to show their support for this campaign by wearing the Save SA doeks, bandanas and armbands and by signing the people’s motion of no confidence.

The group is warning that if the president is allowed to continue as head of state any longer, there won’t be a country left to save by 2019.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)