[LISTEN] Vusi Pikoli: Cloud of political interference still hangs over NPA

Former head of the National Prosecuting Authority Vusi Pikoli chats about his removal from the prosecuting body.

CAPE TOWN - Vusi Pikoli, former head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), says the political interference that led to his removal still seems to be hanging over the prosecuting body.

Pikoli says he received two letters two days before his suspension, one was from minister of justice at the time, Brigitte Mabandla, asking him to stop investigating former national commissioner of the South African Police Service Jackie Selebi.

“The intention was to arrest him and prosecute him so I received a letter from her stopping me from doing that.”

Pikoli says he refused to listen to Mabandla and continued to have a meeting with the president.

Pikoli also says he finds Shaun Abrahams's decision to charge Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan mind boggling.

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