Mozambique investigators look into whether lighting strike caused explosion

An ill-fated fuel truck overturned on Thursday and exploded, claiming 73 lives and inuring over 100.

At least 73 people have been killed and more than 100 injured when a truck exploded in Mozambique on 17 November 2016. Picture:Tino Maluleka/iWitness.

PRETORIA – Mozambique investigators will look into the possibility that a lightning strike caused Thursday's explosion of a fuel truck, killing 73 people.

Three ministers are en route to the scene of the accident 2,000 kilometres from the capital Maputo.

The ill-fated fuel truck overturned on Wednesday, Mozambique officials say.

They’re trying to ascertain whether the driver was selling petrol to locals, or whether he had in fact been ambushed by them.

They say they’re taking seriously the possibility that the explosion might have been caused by a lighting strike.

In addition, 100 people were wounded and had to be moved 90 kilometres to hospital.

There’s no indication as to when investigators will make their findings known.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)