Zuma: Plans underway to upgrade infrastructure in Alexandra

President Jacob Zuma has appealed to Alexandra residents to work with government, to find a lasting solution.

President Jacob Zuma inspects Setjwetla, an the area of Alexandra that was flooded and where one person subsequently lost their life.  Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma has appealed to Alexandra residents to work with government to find a lasting solution to the flood prone informal settlements around the Juskei River.

Zuma visited the area on Wednesday along with Cooperative Governance Minister Des Van Rooyen and Gauteng Premier David Makhura.

The president has assured residents that plans are underway to upgrade infrastructure, to prevent a repeat of the recent disaster caused by the devastating flash floods which ripped through homes and swept away a three-year old girl.

The president has raised concerns around residents building their homes so close to the river banks.

“If we say people who are on the banks of the river should move off, they must understand. To put a shack on the banks of this river is dangerous.”

He has appealed to Alexandra residents to help government to deal with flooding around the Jukskei River and move when they are ordered to.

“So we ask for the cooperation of everyone when government is working on this one.”

Government says at least 4,900 people have been affected by the floods in the province.

(Edited by Neo Koza)