Disaster management teams remain on high alert amid heavy rainfall warning

Disaster management teams remain on high alert, as the heavy rainfall is expected to continue in Gauteng today.

Debris seen in Alexandra pictured following floods in the area on 10 November 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – While several rescue teams continue their search for an Alexandra girl who was washed away by flash floods, disaster management teams remain on high alert, as the heavy rainfall is expected to continue in Gauteng today.

The search for the three-year-old is in its fourth day since the devastating flood on Wednesday which has misplaced hundreds of families in the Alexandra area.

The girl fell into the water from a tree from which they sought refuge from along with the rest of her family.

Emergency Services spokesperson Nana Radebe says they will return to the initial area where the girl went missing.

“We’ve one team starting from Alexandre to Kyalami and we’ve another team from Kyalami to Lion Park, this also is inclusive of urban search rescuers that will be searching on the debris on the sides. We believe maybe somewhere on the riverbanks we might get something.”

At the same time, the South African Weather Service says Gauteng residents can expect less wet weather from today into the next week.

SA Weather Service’s Jan Vermeulen says the weather will soon clear up.

“We see that the system is now moving east and there’s only 30% of showers and thunder showers, but excluding southwestern parts we don’t expect anything. So tomorrow also there’s no alert for thunderstorms.”

Meanwhile, police have urged people who may have missing relatives following the flash floods in Gauteng to contact the South Africa Police Service as search and rescue operations continue

The police’s Kay Makhubela says her car was found the day before while her body was found on the N3 along the Jukskei River.

“Police divers as well as rescue team managed to recover the body. We’ve opened a case and are still continuing with our investigation.”

He has urged members of the community to report any missing persons who may have been swept by the heavy rains this week.

“We’re also appealing to the people who are residing next to the rivers and who are seeing waters when it’s raining to avoid past the water because it might overpower them.”

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