John Cleese not a fan of selfies

The veteran British comedian says he doesn't understand why 'a complete stranger' would want to take a selfie with him.

FILE: John Cleese. Picture: AFP.

LONDON - John Cleese has said he finds it "strange" that people he doesn't know would want to take a picture with him.

The 77-year-old comedian - who is currently on his _Together Again at Last... For the Very First Time _tour in North America with Eric Idle - has said he doesn't understand why "a complete stranger" would want a selfie with the star.

He said: "I just find it so strange that a complete stranger would walk up to you and say, 'Can I have a photograph with you?' And I often say, 'No, but why don't you ask the chap over there?' "

And John's long-term friend Eric, 73, has even written a song about selfies, which the pair have called F##k Selfies.

Speaking on US chat show Conan on Thursday, Cleese said of the song: "[Eric] has written a very good song, and at the beginning of the tour he played it to me and I said 'We should open the show with that'. And we're going to sing it now, because it's a joint experience."

Eric added: "It's about being on the road, and what we've learnt."

The pair performed the song on the show, which they say is "one from the heart".

The lyrics to the song are:

_Here's a little song, it won't take very long. _

It's about the world today, and it's something we have to say.

_F##k selfies, all those gits who take selfies, they just get on my tits. _

When you're grinning like a lunatic for people you don't know, it takes them half an hour to get the bloody cameras go.

And then another 14 bloody other people show, selfies are a waste of bloody time.

So tell all those selfies, selfie pricks, next time they ask.

To take their bloody selfie sticks, and shove them up their a##e.