[LISTEN] Organisation breaks glass ceiling for aspirant female engineers

Naadiya Moosajee explains how her organisation is helping school girls develop their passion for engineering.

WomanEng aims to create a world where there is gender parity, where women can freely say they want to be engineers and won't be seen as 'abnormal'.

CAPE TOWN – The percentage of women graduates in engineering is still below 20 percent in many countries.

According to Naadiya Moosajee, co-founder of WomEng (Women in Engineering), this is a result of bad messaging around women who want to pursue careers in engineering.

“Engineering is seen as this dirty profession, where you wear overalls and boots and work in very bad locations.”

WomanEng is running programmes to get girls in high schools involved in engineering.

Moosajee says they make it fun and competitive for girls, showing them how to build cars and empower them.

"These days engineers sit and design offices. I say that we are the super heroes of the world."

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