Students traumatised after murder at private JHB residence

UJ student Kelvin Baloyi was killed allegedly by a security guard on Saturday morning.

"The Yards" student accommodation was the scene where a Univeristy of Johannesburg student was gunned down, allegedly by a security guard, in central Johannesburg on 5 November 2016. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Students living at a private residence in the CBD where a University of Johannesburg student was shot dead, say they are traumatised following the incident.

Kelvin Baloyi was killed allegedly by a security guard on Saturday morning.

He was a first year computer science student.

Students are walking in and out of the building on Rissik Street in the Johannesburg CBD, most shaking their heads, showing an unwillingness to speak to the media.

Wits student Relebogile Phetho, who was also friends with Baloyi, says she was with him on that fateful night.

She says she briefly left him and when she returned she found him lying on the floor.

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“They said somebody was shot and I asked who? They said Kelvin and I said 'no, I was with Kelvin just now. There’s no way this person was just shot.'”

Another student Eddie Majola says he was standing right next to Baloyi when he was shot.

“He shot instantly, he didn’t waste time and he didn’t say anything.”

Students say building management called in extra security on Friday night because of a yearend party but things allegedly got out of hand when the guards wouldn’t let students continue with their celebrations on the 14th floor.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, the university has also confirmed two of its students were killed in a river rafting accident.