Cosatu: ANC not treating workers with respect

Cosatu says it finds it impossible to raise their concerns with the ANC.

FILE: A small group of Cosatu members singing and dancing outside the Cosatu House in Johannesburg's CBD. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) says it believes the African National Congress (ANC) is treating workers with disdain and is taking the loyalty of the federation for granted.

Cosatu also says it understands Nehawu’s position after the union said this week it was calling on President Jacob Zuma to resign for the good of the ANC and of the country. Nehawu was the first formation within the alliance to call for Zuma to go.

Cosatu’s Sizwe Pamla says they find it impossible to try and raise their concerns with the ANC.

“We meet a wall of arrogance and a level of indifference that is shocking for us as a reliable ally of the ANC, so we are saying the ANC should tread carefully.”

And he says they do understand why Nehawu has called on President Zuma to resign.

“We actually understood Nehawu’s position because we’ve been engaging at all levels with the ANC to try and find a solution to some of their organisational problems but this goes beyond that.”

Cosatu also says people in government and President Zuma should stop going to court all the time when it's clear they're going to lose.

In a statement, Cosatu says, “It supports the sentiments and suggestions that all those, who are wasting taxpayers' money in frivolous legal challenges should be made to pay it back from their own pockets.

The trade union federation also takes swipe at legal advisers it claims give “unsound legal advice.”

“They should be removed from the state payroll and public representatives who want to defend themselves from allegations of corruption and impropriety should pay from their own pockets.”