Mandla Mandela: Nelson Mandela Foundation’s comments on state alarmist

The Nelson Mandela Foundation released a statement yesterday saying the wheels are coming off for the state.

Chief Mandla Mandela thanked South Africans for praying for his grandfather on 12 June 2013. Picture: Lesego Ngobeni/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Mandla Mandela, the grandson of former president Nelson Mandela, has slammed a statement by the Nelson Mandela Foundation calling it alarmist and irresponsible.

The foundation released a statement yesterday saying the wheels are coming off the vehicle of our state.
It has gone on to say there has been a weakening of critical institutions such as the South African Revenue Service (Sars), the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and law enforcement bodies due to political meddling for private interests.

Mandela says allegations by the foundation of the wheels coming off the state is alarmist and irresponsible and poorly substantiated.

Mandela says the foundation and any citizen is free to criticise the state, governing party and it is up to the ruling party to set their house in order.

He goes on to say institutions created to protect our legacy such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation should desist from “alarmism and serve South Africa and the world through delivering on its mandate and protecting its integrity”.

On the foundation's statement of the weakening of Sars and the NPA, Mandela says these institutions have to date “handled matters of extreme complexity and remain robust and functional within their respective mandates”.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)