EC shark warning after whale carcass washed ashore

The NSRI’s warned beachgoers in Jeffreys Bay of increased shark presence in the vicinity of the whale carcass.

A whale carcass lying on Anne Avenue Beach, St Francis Bay, 27 October 2017. Picture: Johan Barnard/NSRI website

CAPE TOWN - The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is warning beachgoers in the Eastern Cape of a possible shark increase.

This comes after a whale carcass washed ashore, between Oyster and Jeffreys Bay earlier this week.

The 15 metre mammal was pulled out to sea yesterday during high tide for "natural disposal".

An online statement by the institute warns that sharks were spotted in the vicinity of the carcass.

NSRI's Craig Lambinon says, "We are urging bathers, boaters, paddlers, sailboarders and divers to be cautious in that area."