DA to make proposal to adjust Gordhan's mini budget by over R1bn

Democratic Alliance David Maynier said there are many areas where government can save money.

FILE: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan addresing the media during the Mid Term Budget Speech (MTBS) in Imbizo, Parliament in Cape Town.Picture: GCIS

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it will make a proposal to adjust Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's mini budget by over a R1 billion.

Gordhan delivered the mini budget speech in Parliament on Wednesday, where among other things, he vowed to curb wasteful expenditure within government.

But the DA's David Maynier said following careful scrutiny of the Adjusted Estimates of Expenditure, it reveals shocking levels of wasteful expenditure.

Maynier said there are many areas where government can save money.

"We're carefully scrutinising the budget but certainly in this budget we can identify more than R1 billion with of saving and we'll be making a proposal to adjust the budget by at least a R1 billion."

He said too much money is wasted on unnecessary expenses.

"There's even provision for R600,000 for the replacement of office furniture for the Department of Labour in Geneva that government talks about cutting wasteful expenditure. But at the end of the day government are addicted to the high life."

Maynier said there are many examples of government wasting taxpayers' money.

"A new ministerial vehicle for the minister of trade and industry which will cost approximately R1.72 million and two ministerial vehicles for the Minister of Arts and Culture which will cost about R3 million. At the end of the day, it is simply wrong to waste money like this."

He said there are many areas where government can cut back on.

"The adjusted budget also includes R95.97 million on releasing transport aircraft, there is R32 million on cell phone data contracts and that's why we will be making proposals to amend the adjusted budget in Parliament."