Corruption Watch not satisfied with Tom Moyane's explanation

David Lewis says they will submit questions to Moyane for clarity before deciding whether to press charges.

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane.

PRETORIA - Corruption Watch says it's not satisfied with South African Revenue Setrvices (Sars) commissioner Tom Moyane's explanation to why he did not open a criminal case against a subordinate when he was provided with the evidence.

In a lengthy statement issued yesterday, Moyane says he did not open the case against Sars chief officer Jonas Makwakwa because the Hawks told him the matter was already being investigated.

The Financial Intelligence Centre gave the Sars boss a report in may which showed 75 suspicious transactions totaling more than a R1 million in Makwakwa and his alleged girlfriend Kelly-Ann Elskie's bank accounts.

Moyane says at the time of receiving the report, he was advised in writing by the Hawks that the matter was already under investigation.

But Corruption Watch's David Lewis says Moyane's response is not entirely satisfactory.

"Anybody's guess what's going on here but what is absolutely clear to us is that there's no formal report that has been made by the head of Sars to the Hawks. And the Hawks I totally believe aren't investigating it anyway, so in short we're not satisfied."

Moyane has denied he was in breach of any law when he didn't open a criminal case against Makwakwa after evidence of suspicious transactions came to his attention.

Corruption Watch alleges that Moyane was in breach of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act by not reporting the suspicious transaction in Makwakwa's bank account to the authorities.

Moyane said a law firm has been appointed to investigate allegations of impropriety, tax evasion and other contraventions of the Tax Administration Act.

He said he will be in a position to make a public comment once these processes have finished.

Lewis says they will submit further questions to Moyane for clarity before deciding whether to press charges.