Treasury's audit service condemns govt corruption

National Treasury's specialised audit service says corruption by govt compromises SA’s economic growth.

Zanele Mxunyelwa, head of National Treasury's specialised audit service. Picture: Victor Magwedze/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - National Treasury's specialised audit service says systematic corruption by members of government compromises the country's economic growth.

The service says this type of corruption, especially by those at the helm of organisations set out to serve the public, stops community development.

The anti-corruption task team addressed stakeholders at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Conference in Sandton.

Hundreds of anti-fraud examiners gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre, where the head of Treasury's audit service, Zanele Mxunyelwa, spoke about the effects of systematic corruption.

Mxunyelwa says South Africans are shortchanged of services due to them due to the effects of corruption.

Mxunyelwa says government and the private sector should unite to effectively combat systematic corruption.