Delegates gather in Sandton to discuss cybercrime

Today’s the first day of a three-day event aimed at updating fraud prevention and investigation skills.

Picture: freeimages

JOHANNESBURG - Fraud examiners from around the world have gathered in Sandton for the annual three-day anti-fraud conference.

Eight-hundred delegates have already arrived for the first day of the event which is aimed at updating their fraud prevention and investigation skills.

Crowds of international delegates are the Sandton Convention Centre for the first session of the Ninth Annual Association of Certified Examiners.

Speakers for the conference include various professionals in specialised auditing, healthcare fraud investigations and police officers.

One of the themes for this year's conference is focusing on cybercrimes, a trend that is said to have grown tremendously due to the advancement of technology.

The association's Jaco de Jager says, "We're coming together to share information, to share knowledge on what's the latest trends [and] what's happening in the fraud and corruption world out there."