NEC resignations only way out of ANC's woes - Mthembu

Mthembu added that it's also clear that Minister Gordhan is being charged for political reasons.

YouTube screengrab of ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu says if the ANC doesn't listen to his call for the party's entire National Executive Committee (NEC) to resign, it could be out of power in the 2019 elections.

On Sunday it emerged Mthembu had said the only way out of the ANC's current problems was for the entire NEC to resign.

He says one of the reasons he's making this call is that it's clear that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is being charged for political reasons.

Mthembu says he's making this call after the NEC said no one person was responsible for the loss of three metros in the local elections.

"Since we have then agreed that we will take collective responsibility for that, I then said to the national executive committee perhaps we must also take a collective fall."

And he says it's important to act now.

"If we don't do this thing then the ANC will lose the mission that is tasked with the total liberation of our people, they will be out of power come 2019."

Mthembu also says he's not alone in the ANC in making this call.

Meanwhile the ANC says its members should show restraint and not speak about internal issues in public.

The party's Zizi Kodwa said: "We must restrain ourselves from making public statements, particularly in the media, because they do have a platform to raise those issues."