[WATCH] Moments leading up to when Shaeera Kalla was shot

Footage showing moments leading up to police shooting Wits student leader Shaeera Halla has emerged.

Moments leading up to the when Shaeera Halla was shot with 13 rubber bullets in the back by the police. Picture: YouTube screengrab.

JOHANNESBURG - New video footage showing the moments leading up to the police shooting Wits University student leader Shaeera Halla has emerged on social media.

In the video, students have their hands up as a sign of non-aggression and are retreating as the police shout "move back".

Halla is seen pleading with the police where she is pushed and told to move.

She turned her back to leave and a stun grenade was fired at her and other students.

WATCH: Moments leading up to the shooting of Shaeera Kalla and others.

At least 13 rubber bullets hit her back when police tried to disperse the students.

The Wits University Council has described the shooting as tragic and concerning.

The matter is now being investigated by police watch dog Independent Police Investigative Directorate.