Will detained Mcebo Dlamini be allowed to write a vital test tomorrow?

He is expected back in court tomorrow on five charges including assault and public violence.

FILE: Former Wits University SRC leader Mcebo Dlamini dances with a helmet belonging to the university private security and with a shield during a running battle with the police forces on campus as he takes part in student protests. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The Johannesburg Magistrates Court has ordered lawyers involved in the bail application by arrested Wits University student leader Mcebo Dlamini to find an amicable solution to his request to write an important test tomorrow.

The 32-year-old appeared in court today where his lawyers argued that a postponement of his bail application would result in him missing an important assessment needed for exam qualification purposes.

But prosecutors have been granted a postponement of the hearing, offering to have police escort Dlamini to write his test before his appearance in court tomorrow.

His lawyer Mongezi Ntanga says he opposed the postponement.

However, it's been argued that for weeks, the student activist hasn't been participating in academic activity at the university as part of the Fees Must Fall resistance to the resumption of normal learning.

SRC President Shaeera Kalla says she doubts Dlamini had any intention of writing the test and believes his reasoning in court was merely symbolic.

"It was a means of saying students generally, if there is no reason to delay their court cases, why would they delay them?

Dlamini is expected back in court tomorrow on five charges including assault, public violence and malicious damage to property.

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