Modi: Pakistan 'mothership of terrorism'

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Brics summit in Goa where he made the comments.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) . Picture: AFP.

PRETORIA - Brics summit host Narendra Modi described Pakistan as the "mothership of terrorism" that posed a direct threat to the economic prosperity of the region.

However, the Goa Declaration did not mention cross-border terrorism mainly due to China's resistance. The theme was terrorism all the way at the Brics summit meeting in Goa.

Modi used the forum to keep up his attack on Pakistan after a border dispute.

The Indian prime minister insisted there was unanimity within Brics on the issue of terrorism, but the Chinese articulation was more muted.

Speaking during the plenary session, President Xi Jinping said it was imperative to step up coordination on major international issues, regional hotspots and find a political solution to these.