Representations to the NPA pointless, says Gordhan's lawyers

The finance minister’s legal team says Shaun Abrahams is clearly not willing to give him a fair hearing.

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's lawyers say they've now studied the charges against him and it's now clear they manifest a determination to prosecute him at all costs.

They say as a result, Gordhan will not be asking National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head advocate Shaun Abrahams to review his decision to charge the minister with fraud.

Gordhan's lawyers say they any representations to the NPA would be pointless, adding that Abrahams is clearly not willing to give him a fair hearing.

They also say that advocates Wim Trengove, Hamilton Maenetjie and Ziyaad Navsa will represent Gordhan in court.

Meanwhile, the Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom under Law have also written to Abrahams, telling him they want to go to court to stop the charges from going ahead. They say one charge is nonsensical and another is incomprehensible.

They say if Abrahams doesn't withdraw the charges, they'll challenge them in court on the basis that this is of paramount importance for the country.