Calls for Shaun Abrahams to drop charges against Pravin Gordhan

Freedom Under Law & the Helen Suzman Foundation say charges could be the result of an ulterior purpose.

FILE: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

JOHANNESBURG - Finance minister Pravin Gordhan's lawyers say they're not going to ask National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Shaun Abrahams to review the fraud charges against him, because it's clear, he wants to prosecute the minister at all costs.

Meanwhile, Freedom Under Law and the Helen Suzman Foundation have also written to Abrahams today, telling him the charges could be the result of an ulterior purpose.

The two organisations say they're asking Abrahams to drop the charges, or face legal action from them.

Gordhan's lawyers say they do not have confidence in Advocate Abraham's ability or willingness to give him a fair hearing and he's made it clear he want to pursue the case.

They say they fired Advocate Wim Trengove and they want to bring an end to this matter quickly.

Meanwhile, Freedom Under Law's Judge Johan Kriegler says they are major problems with the way Abrahams announced his decision on these charges.

"And you do a Hollywood show by broadcasting it to the world, to humiliate him."

The two groups say one charge is nonsensical, while another is incomprehensible.