[WATCH] Diver escapes close brush with Great White Shark

The incident, which has left both shark and diver unscathed, took place off the west coast of Mexico.

Video footage of Great White Shark stuck in cage with diver in it, near west coast of Mexico. Picture: YouTube screengrab

JOHANNESBURG - The video of a diver who survived a close brush with a Great White Shark has left many with their jaws on the floor.

The incident took place near the Guadalupe Islands, off the west coast of Mexico.

In the video, the shark lunges for a piece of tuna, which had been attached to the boat by rope, and ends up inside the cage where the diver is.

Unsure whether there was somebody in the cage, a member of the boat crew worked to open the latch to the cage, freeing the confused creature.

Moments later, the diver clambers back out, tapping the top of his head with his right hand to signal he is unharmed.

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The video was posted on the YouTube account Gabe and Garrett, a channel that posts videos of the adventures of two children from California.