SCA expected to announce decision on Zuma appeal over spy tapes

The Constitutional Court said last week that it would not hear the NPA’s appeal at this stage.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma addresses the National Assembly in Parliament. Picture: AFP

PRETORIA - The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) is today expected to announce its decision on whether it will hear President Jacob Zuma's appeal in the so-called spy tapes matter.

Last week, the Constitutional Court said it would not hear the National Prosecuting Authority's appeal at this stage, seemingly mindful of the pending decision at the SCA.

The High Court in Pretoria ruled earlier this year that the 2009 decision to withdraw fraud and corruption charges against Zuma was irrational and set aside.

The effect of the decision means the charges against the president are re-instated.

The NPA withdrew the charges in 2009 after Zuma made representations which included intercepted telephone conversation which appeared to show a conspiracy against him.