Prince William: Rod Stewart deserved knighthood

Prince William and Prince Harry thought Sir Rod Stewart was 'so well deserved' of his knighthood.

FILE: Sir Rod Stewart. Picture: @rodstewart.

LONDON - Prince William told Sir Rod Stewart both he and his brother Prince Harry thought the singer was "so well deserved" of his knighthood.

The 71-year-old singer was bestowed with the recognition by William at Buckingham Palace yesterday, and his wife Penny Lancaster, who was in attendance with their sons Alastair, 10, and five-year-old Aiden, revealed what the royal told her husband.

She said, "He did say, 'My brother are I think you are so well deserved to get this honour.' "

The Maggie May hitmaker was so excited about being knighted he sang about the occasion in celebration as he, Penny and their sons travelled to a hotel the day before the "incredible" event.

She said, "It was just the most incredible, unforgettable day. It started with us panicking that we wouldn't get to the Palace on time because we live two hours out of London so we decided to take the kids and stay in a hotel the night before.

"On the way to the hotel, Rod was singing 'I'm getting knighted in the morning.' "

The occasion was also a highlight for Alastair and Aiden who were bursting with pride after Rod received his recognition.

Speaking on Loose Women, she added, "I read a story to Aiden the night before about Paddington Bear going to London to visit the queen at the Palace so when we pulled up he said, 'We're here, where Paddington Bear was. We're going inside.'

"We were so proud, and when daddy came back and sat with us the boys were just hanging onto him for dear life. They just didn't want to let go."