SA Post Office starts rebuilding after billion rand loss

CapeTalk's Kienno Kammies spoke to South African Post Office CEO Mark Barnes about progress at the institution.

CAPE TOWN - Mark Barnes, CEO of the South African Post Office, says they are not trying to put 'makeup on the corpse' but are digging deep into the operational structures to fix the problems.

Barnes has been tasked with turning the entity around.

"There are some deep challenges and bad habits which formed over 10 years and that is not a consequence of people on the ground, but the consequences of extraordinary bad leadership and a whole lot of money thrown out the window."

Barnes says they will not be using consultants, but they will be fixing these problems in-house with the management. He says there's a lot to be done and it is not going to happen overnight.

"My job was not to go in there and fire people, but to start from scratch and build with what we've got."

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