Protesting CPUT students call for VC Prins Nevhutalu to resign

Vice-chancellor Prins Nevhutalu has been in a meeting with about 500 students at the Bellville campus.

CPUT Vice-Chancellor Prins Nevhutalu has decided to stay and respond to the issues addressed to him. He says he's always willing to engage students. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Protesting Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) students are calling for vice-chancellor Prins Nevhutalu to resign because they say he's failed in his responsibility as a principal.

Nevhutalu has been in a meeting with about 500 students at the Bellville campus as part of the institution's general assembly which included staff members.

Numerous issues including free education, the reinstatement of suspended students and the scrapping of student debt have been discussed.

Nevhutalu dashed out of the Major Sports Hall when a group of about 200 students from the Cape Town campus joined the meeting.

Students chased after him and blocked his way as he was trying to leave the university.

Earlier, several students who spoke out in the meeting called for Nevhutalu to step down.

"You don't care about us, you don't care about this university and now I'm telling you - if you want to leave - it's fine. Write your letter of resignation now and resign as the VC of this country (sic) and leave forever."

The vice-chancellor told students everything he does is in the interest of the university and the students, even if they don't like him.