SA Embassy cooperating with Mauritian authorities in murder of SA teen

Mauritian press is reporting a South African woman killed her 17-year-old step-daughter while on holiday.

FILE: Mauritius beach. Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Embassy in Mauritius says it's cooperating with local officials to unravel the facts around the alleged murder of a South African in the country.

Mauritian press is reporting that a South African woman killed her 17-year-old step-daughter while they were on holiday.

It's alleged there was an argument and the step-daughter was fatally stabbed.

Mauritian press is reporting the woman, who cannot be named at this stage, was allegedly attempting to stab her step-daughter in the arm but stabbed her in the neck instead.

It is understood the 17-year-old girl was found by her younger brother on the floor of the hotel room, who then called for help.

Mauritian High Commissioner of South Africa Nomvuyo Nokwe said, "Normally we would go to the lady, who is under arrest, to hear her side of the story."

She says it is still unclear whether the rest of the family will be allowed to leave the country as investigations are underway.

The woman appeared in a Mauritian court today but has not been formally charged.