UPDATE: Two arrested UCT students released on bail

The NPA has confirmed two University of Cape Town protesters have been granted bail of a R500 each.

UCT upper campus is a main gathering spot for Fees2017 protesters to discuss their grievances. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Two University of Cape Town (UCT) protesters have been granted bail of a R500 each, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said.

Masixole Mlandu was arrested for violating a high court order.

Mlandu and Zukisa Sokhaya appeared in court today.

Students protested outside the Wynberg Magistrates Court calling for their release.

The NPA says Mlandu had violated a high court order that prohibits him from being on UCT premises and interfering with the supply of any services or their decision making.

The NPA claims Mlandu told the assistant manager for cleaners at UCT "not to make things difficult for herself and to tell the supervisors for the cleaners to either join them or to go home".

Mlandu has been released on condition that he does not interfere with the complainant.

Sokhaya appeared on two counts of assault for allegedly threatening a student who had allegedly pepper-sprayed him.

Both men are expected back in court next month.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students at the UCT Health Sciences Faculty have dispersed after a meeting with vice-chancellor Max Price on campus.

In front of the Bremner building on Middle Campus, students have told Price they want private security off campus and better engagement with management.

One of the students arrested on Monday for disrupting a lecture, broke down as she spoke about how traumatic the arrest was.

"I was suicidal almost every day and then this happened… Do they know that we're people?"

Price says he is taking the students' concerns seriously.

"I don't want the security any more than anyone else does; we do have to protect students and staff, but that's partly why we've now again suspended activities."

Close to 1,000 students and academic staff are currently holding a mass meeting on the Jammie steps on Upper Campus.