Cosatu: Basson’s R100m payment ‘obscenely vulgar’

The federation has accused Shoprite of exploiting workers by paying them slave wages.

FILE: Picture: Isaacgerg/Wikicommons.

JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of South African Trade Unions ( Cosatu) has described Shoprite's R100 million payment to its CEO Whitey Basson as obscenely vulgar.

The federation's secretary general Bheki Mtshali-Mtshali has accused the firm of exploiting workers by paying them slave wages and under unsuitable conditions.

"Cosatu denounces this payment because Shoprite is paying Mr Basson for his excellent work in exploiting workers on behalf of the shareholders."

With a national march planned for Friday, Cosatu has urged all workers, aside from emergency personnel, to take part in the demonstrations, which will be held to demand a decent basic wage.