Fresh round of stun grenades, rubber bullets fired at protesting Wits students

Some were marching through the campus, calling on other students and workers to join in the demonstration.

Protesting Wits University students have vowed to continue with protests despite heavy police presence on campus on 4 October 2016. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police have fired a fresh round of stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd of protesting students at Wits University.

The students were marching around the campus singing struggle songs despite a warning from officers to refrain from demonstrating.

Students have been banned from gathering in groups larger than 15.

Some were marching through the campus, calling on other students and workers to join in the demonstration.

At the same time, a police officer was attacked by a group of protesting students at the institution.

He was seen bleeding from the head after being hit by rocks.

Hundreds of students were marching from west campus despite a warning by police to abandon their demonstration, saying they were disrupting classes.

Stun grenades and rubber bullets were then fired at protesting students.

The Economic Freedom Fighters' Dali Mpofu tried to negotiate with police to cease fire.

"We've agreed that if students gather on one place then they will stop engaging on their side. so let's try and achieve that situation."

Students are now moving to the Great Hall for a meeting.

Meanwhile, Wits University says the situation is being contained has urged non-protesting students and staff to remain in designated areas until further notice.

Spokesperson Shirona Patel says, "What we've asked the deans to do and head of schools is to ask students who are not protesting to make their way into lecture buildings and to remain there for the next hour or so while police are dispersing the larger crowd."

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Several police officers and students have been injured during running confrontations on campus.

Running battles between police, private security and protesting students continue.

Students who are not demonstrating could be seen holding up placards that read "we also have a right to education".

One non-protesting student says they want their voices to be heard.

"It very threatening to have someone in your face going 'What's wrong with you?' and for them to say 'You can't express your point of view' while insisting that Wits must close."

Protesting students then pelted stones at those not protesting who are standing beside private security officers, in front of the Great Hall.

Another officer was seen being taken away on a stretcher while some journalists and students have also been injured.